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Sheep Farms & Shearers
H&S Management, shearing shed fitness checks, Hazardous Substances control, Farm Rules, working alone, and practical advice.

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As WorkSafe say - Effective health & safety isn't about compliance - it's about creating successful businesses that care for their people

No one wants their employees to be hurt - besides the hurt there is also the factors of time on administration, other staff working long hours, loss of production, the cost of having an injured employee and the mental angst that goes with it for you.

Southern Safety SolutioNZ knows that wading through the legislation (not to mention the myths that are out there) can seem daunting. Especially if you are a small or medium size business and you are needed for the day to day running of your business - hands on.

Southern Safety SolutioNZ is a hands on health and safety consultancy business that operates in Southland and Central Otago, helping SME’s create simple but effective solutions to manage the health and safety of their company.

At my time as a WorkSafe Inspector (and a H&S Auditor before that) I saw lots of good practices by farms and the construction sector which were not regonised as health and safety - just good business! It was always a pleasure to assure the person I was talking to that they were actually doing a good job. However, the recording of these good practices was usually lacking. The paperwork does not need to be War & Peace volume 3!!

I believe if the health and safety system is simple it will be used - not just sitting on a shelf gathering dust and mice poo.


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