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Services - What do I offer


Where are you now?

Is it too BIG for your operation?

Is it tick box - and you want to move on?

Do you just want to get started?

Are you sure what you are doing is right?

Do you need paperwork to get THAT job?

Does your manual reflect what you ACTUALLY do?


Whats on offer?

Free assessment of your current system

Pracitcal advice - lots of experience!

Easy to read and understand Health and Safety documents

Farm / Site Specific Safety Plan - that reflects what you actually do!

Standard Operating Procedures developed for you and your business

Ongoing Health & Safety admin services if required

Hazardous substance support

Task analysis

Gap analysis

Free follow up after 3 months

Why me?


Why me?

Ex WorkSafe Inspector - all the advice none of the notices

Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety

Internationally certified Health & Safety Auditor

8 years of hands on health and safety knowledge and experience

I have seen lots of different systems I can apply to your situation

Key Attributes

Realistic - I have seen alot (good and bad) so I don't get surprised easily


Easy to understand

Farming and construction background

HSNO trained

Sense of humour

Working knowledge of current legislation

Member of NZISM

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